The Plugin CHM from Lidar has been funded by the Programma di sviluppo rurale per il Veneto 2014-2020

The Organisation responsible of the information is: GTER Innovazione in Geomatica, GNSS e GIS

Managing Authority: Regione del Veneto - Direzione AdG FEASR e Foreste

The Manual has been realized by Gter srl and is licensed under the license

It has been also developed a detailed tutorial for users of Regione Veneto about the use of LIDAR data for forestry purposes in QGIS. The tutorial (only in Italian) includes:

  • a brief introduction about LIDAR tech and its main applications in the environmental fields and others,
  • a detailed description of the use and operation of the CHM from LIDAR Plugin including pratical examples about data (DSM/DTM) of Regione Veneto
  • a section dedicated to the post-processing of the resulting CHM obtained from the use of the plugin (eg. riclassification and vectorization).

The Tutorial is available at the link:


  • CHM: Canopy Height Model
  • DSM: Digital Surface Model
  • DTM: Digital Terrain Model
  • GIS: Geographic Information System
  • LIDAR: Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging